Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sprayed Work

I have here a small sprayed work that I did last year (I think I posted it) but, I have enhanced it for submission for an exhibition. My thanks to Martha Miller for a link to the work of Tim Clorius, his graffiti work and murals are beautiful.

David Smith with sculpture

Sprayed painting by David Smith.

Copper Hill to Nepal, Spray and brushwork, 11" x 14"

I like graffiti type work but it has gotten a bit long in the tooth to me. I became interested in sprayed work because of the work of sculptor David Smith. I fell in love with the negative spaces of the sprayed stencil work. I also like the airbrush work of Audrey Flack and Chuck Close.

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martha miller said...

It is fun stuff to work with! We had to do simple stencils with spray paint as an intro to working with silkscreen. I like this image - hard to believe you can do all this with spray paint! Did you make a stencil to create this piece? I saw many students make stencils from digital high contrast images they'd created digitally...glad you enjoyed seeing Tim's work! I'll tell him! His studio is right next door to mine.