Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some prints

A few of my prints. From top to bottom: 'Roadhouse', 6 color reduction linocut, 'Reclining Nude', engraving with plate rollup. This print is printed with Akua Intaglio ink which is what I'm using now. 'Reading', 2 color linocut. '1918', linocut with tempera overprint.


artslice said...

These are great - love the vibrant colors!

Brad Gailey said...

Thank you. I'm working on a new series with interiors as subject matter, thank you. I'm going to use gouache as my inking medium. I will use acrylic plates and engrave the image from a drawing. The gouache will be added to the plate loosely and the engraved lines will be left with little or no color. My experiments give me cause for hope. I've used gouache mixed with rice paste for wood block prints. Have you any experience with it as a printing medium?