Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was born in April 1950, on the crest of the Baby Boom. Now, I am facing one of those milestones that gives one pause. We Boomers have a significant history in that we are the bridge generation for the age of Rock and Roll, the Space Race, and the Era of Environmental Awareness among other significant historical and cultural events. This is all pretty well documented, Vietnam, Woodstock, Apollo 11, et. al., each time a journalist has a touch of nostalgia. Beyond that though lies a significance in that our parents were the World War II generation, a generation that grew up in the Great Depression and then fought a great conflict of moral imperative. The downside was that they thought they were right about everything, little wonder we were rebellious. On the upside, most of what we are is a product of them beyond the misery they gave us by being our parents. 

My dad was born in 1921 and was drafted into the army in 1942. Bill Haley as in Rock Around the Clock was born in 1925. Jack Kerouac was born in 1922 and Alan Ginsberg was born in 1926, the writers credited as the nucleus of the Beats. Timothy Leary, the psychedelic guru of the sixties was born in 1920. Malcolm X was born in 1925. More of what we are is a product of our parents generation than just our physical selves. It's a pointer to the fact that our story flows more like a river than like the cars of a train.

Masquerade, Charcoal on paper, 8"x10"

Today's drawing has nothing to do with all of this but, turning sixty is a bit unsettling which in itself is a bit unsettling and touch of youth seems appropriate.

Have a lovely remainder of the weekend.



Elizabeth Seaver said...

Brad, this is a lovely portrait. Thanks for the thoughtful post, as well. I'm still ruminating on it all. I hope there is some joy lurking there in your milestone year. I certainly wish you that!

Julita said...

Happy Birthday Brad. A beautifully written post that gives one pause for reflection. The piece of art above is astounding and very classical. Enjoy your day!

Julita said...

Hmm. I just realized that your birthday is not today since it's obviously in April. Happy Birthday nonetheless... enjoy on whichever day it falls upon! :)

martha miller (it's all art, isn't it?) said...

Beautiful drawing, Brad! and, fear not: Sixty is the new Forty!
Thanks for your great ideas on my blog re: my portraits as ghosts! Love that fabric in a frame with fan idea! I really do want it to be theatrical! (Thanks again for your "spitballin'" as you called it - the word verification here is bautspat! :^)