Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who me?

In my life, I've noticed that I am a different person at different times. Not in a Sybil way and not in a different mask kind of way but, in that my actions and considerations in situations differ. I have a persona for any situation and not all of them are the person that I really want to be. The hero, the villain, the stalwart and the craven are all part of me. Now that I am getting older, I am a different set of personas from the personas I used to be, if that's not too confusing.

So, in consideration of this, I like to do self-portraits. Also, it's easy to find a model. It's a chance to consider all of my different selves. 

Shaving, Charcoal on paper, 8"x10"

Self-portrait, Conte on paper, 8"x10"

I'd like to hear about your other selves. And if you do self portraits, I'd like to hear what you have to say about that.

Have a nice evening.



Martha Miller said...

LOVE the top one! Terrific! Here is a link to a blogpost from a couple of years ago about why I do SP's...

Martha Miller said...

hmmm, that link doesn't work for some reason. anyhow, the post was from march 29, 2008.

Brad Gailey said...

Thanks for the link or the date of the post. Amen. Carl Sagan said, (I paraphrase), 'We are star stuff, we are the Universe's way of knowing itself.' When some folks stopped one day selling Jesus, I used this quote and stated as how I figure that we are how God knows himself. I was really winging it. Self portraits are a good way for us to know ourselves.