Friday, June 18, 2010

Yank Far East

While cleaning out the basement of my Mother-in-law's house I came across a cache of copies of Yank Far East the news magazine published by the Army for the troops during World War II. From the George Mason University History Dept. web site, "Beginning on June 17, 1942, Yank, the weekly magazine published by the U.S. Army, began its unprecedented worldwide publishing effort. Most of its 127-member staff of editors, reporters, photographers, artists, and cartoonists rotated from desk jobs in Yank's main New York office to cover the war overseas and produce twenty-one separate weekly editions. The New York office published the American edition distributed to army camps in the United States and prepared basic material for Yank's overseas operations in London, Sydney, Honolulu, Rome, Paris, Cairo, Tehran, Calcutta, Puerto Rico, and Panama. Sold for five cents, Yank reached a combined circulation of two million soldiers." "It presented Yank's typical miscellany of news, stories, poetry, cartoons, illustrations, photographs, notices, advice, and gripes about enlisted life in the wartime army."

Cover of the 'GI Global Sketchbook' Issue

Sketch by Cpl. Anne T. Cleveland

Sketch by Sgt. John Scott

Sketches by Sgt. Arthur Weithas

Sketches by Sgt. Ed Vebell

These seem to be rare but, I'm still researching this. Enjoy, please let me know if you like this and I will share much more. I did these quickly.  I can take a little more time and produce better copies. Have an interesting weekend.


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