Friday, March 27, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a few days since I posted anything and I a little at a loss. I've been keeping up with the blogs I follow and appreciate your diligence in posting something for my entertainment. I've been working away at a drafting project and as is usual just before I was to send my first approval submittal to the engineers, I'm talking about my finger moving toward the email send button, I received a call from my customer sending me off on a complete reworking of what had finished and breaking it apart to realign it with a new plan of scheduling.

Here is a portion of an elevation and a wall section before "remodeling." I have tried to keep my hand in at some artistic activities. I have posted here a sprayed figurative piece, liquid acrylic paint, airbrush, brush on a panel.  

I used a drawing produced in a figure drawing class for the model. The drawing is a fifteen minute study and I was very interested in the shadows of the chair back falling across the model. The chair belonged to an artist friend and he had painted the chair. I tried to capture the flavor of his work in my painting.

I've been working on some of my Photoshop paintings also. This is the first stage of one and I will post the stages as I complete it. I can work quite quickly but I run Photoshop on an old G3 Mac which is slow saving and opening files. It's fifteen years old and only a 233mhz processor but still an excellent art machine.

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Julita said...

Wow Brad, this post was great! I enjoyed seeing what you do for work. I was amazed to discover this tidbit about you. I knew you worked with CAD software, but wasn't exactly sure what you did. It's very exciting to see someone who has such a background in a structural field like engineering being so extremely creative on a different scale, and very good at it too.

The piece below brings to mind Gauguin's paintings of Tahiti, that very rich use of color. I absolutely love it!