Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yet another sprayed composition.

Being a neophyte artist at middle age feels strange to me. I'm carrying the baggage of all the things I've found interesting over the years but, now there is little time to explore. I don't know if starting out at an advanced age is an advantage or a hindrance. It's a little like taking classes at my age, there's just never a good fit. Always, there's a feeling of being out-of -place. Also, I have so many techniques I like, it's hard to focus on one or two. I read in a blog in the past couple of days the author's lament about being frustrated with not having enough time to carry out all the creative impulses they were having. I find that with the growth of frustration I, myself, get more creative and find it difficult to focus or edit my creativity.

A friend of mine, a counselor and social worker, was doing creative therapy workshops using art and writing as cathartic mediums. I always argued with her my point that the mind was always working on ways to solve its problems and it was not the relating of them that helped but rather that by inducing it to become more creative it came to a solution sooner. So much for my psycho-idiocy.

Back to my sprayed work. I'm trying to pare down my laundry list of techniques and interests so that I might be more productive. I'm going to maybe used sprayed techniques in concert with my work in oils as under painting and details instead of stand alone works. I'm working on an engraving now based on the 'Masquerade' painting from a previous post. I'm hoping to combine this with other techniques, monoprint and inkjet printing as a venue to concentrate on.

There, the problem of the day spelled out. How to curb my enthusiasm and work in a more structured, focus way. Have a lovely day.


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