Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I was going through some of my work and sorting it when I ran across these two drawings of the same model. One is on kraft paper and the other is on newsprint. I like drawing on kraft and this is executed in charcoal and pastel.

This drawing is charcoal or conte on newsprint. I like the way tones are easily invoked on both papers. I'm also a nut for defining the space my subject occupies. I like to push the perspective even though it isn't evident in this drawing but can be seen in the drawing I posted last week of buildings on the Dahlonega square. Comes from my drafting side. I read somewhere that it is 'good to exagerate, better to exagerate too much than not enough,' I've taken that to heart.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the 1960's so, here are a couple of pieces of music from that decade. The first from 1962.

Then a little country music from 1967.

Have a good Wednesday, er-r-r Earth Day?


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