Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mixed Media

I'm posting a mixed media painting that is transfer, acrylic, oil and collage. The background is an acrylic medium transfer of the Martian landscape courtesy the Mars rovers. The Jeep also is an acrylic medium transfer. These were made by coating a photocopy image with acrylic medium; then affixing it to the support. After the medium dries, the paper is wet and rubbed away, leaving the image in the medium. I tint the medium before coating the photocopy. Even though the painting is only months old it is already show signs that the surface is suspect.

Also, an update of one of my current Photoshop paintings. I'm starting to work on the space around the figure. I've been looking at Klimt and want to do something patterned or decorative.

Have a good, good Thursday.


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mimilove forever said...

Well you may not have settled on a favourite technique as yet but I love your use of colour through all your pieces sir! :)