Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Afternoon

Odds and ends for a Friday afternoon. First a drawing so there is some artwork.

Then a photograph. This is the ruin of a house on Jekyll Island. The construction is a local variety of construction called 'Tabby.' It is a type of concrete made of shells and lime made from burning shells. Oh, how I would like to be at Jekyll this weekend.

The movie State of Play opens this weekend and seems from the trailers to be a run of the mill conspiracy thriller and then they up the ante with Helen Mirren. What are you going to do? A little clip from 1980. No tittering or reading something into it.

Julita was kind enough to mention my blog in her writing so, for her I am adding a piece by sculptor David smith that inspired me to paint with spray paint.

Have a good Friday evening.



Anonymous said...

Great post, awesome art as usual, Brad.

Julita said...

Hey, Brad, Thanks! I'll have to look more into this artist. I've never seen his work before.