Thursday, January 8, 2009

A beautiful day.

It’s a beautiful day here in Dahlonega. The maple tree in the front yard is blooming and was alive with honey bees one of the warm days earlier in the week. The kids are back in school and the college is back in session. The daffodils have broken through and are sending up green shoots. The nice weather tends to invigorate one to move forward with new projects. The top photo is the north side of the square. The next photo is the old courthouse, now the gold museum, and stands in the center of the square. The lower photo is looking north from the Health and Natural Sciences Building of North Georgia College.



Moanerplicity said...

I have no idea where Dahlonega is, but something about these fotos, the quality of quiet strength, makes me think I wouldn't mind pitching a tent & living there for a spell.


artslice said...

It looks beautiful there... and I can't believe the daffodils are shooting up in January! We are having such a heavy winter here :(
Soak in some of that 'pre-spring' for me!

Martha Miller said...

wait. WHAT? bees? daffodils???

ok, here's the word verification:


as in, bes(are)oun fr a surprise if they try to come out of hibernation here in frigid maine!


it's simply incredible that spring weather starts in GA a couple of weeks after the calendar says it's winter...

Brad Gailey said...

The problem is, here it can be tee shirt weather one day and freezing rain the next but whichever, it only lasts a day or two. We will get our dusting of snow in February but mostly have our schizophrenic weather.