Friday, January 16, 2009

My little town.

It's a cold day here in North Georgia, about twenty-two degrees. Martha Miller is laughing now. The air is clear and the sunshine hurts your eyes. Here it is, my little town. The building with the gold steeple is Price Hall, the administration building of North Georgia College and State University. It is built on the foundation of the old U.S. Mint and the gold came from the local mines just as the gold on the dome of the Georgia state capitol. Most of the visible major buildings are part of the campus and surround the drill field. The town square is behind the campus in this view and the view encompasses the downtown area. The gold rush of 1828 is the focal point of the local history and according to local the richest vein of gold in the U.S. runs through the middle of town. The unfortunate part of the history is the gold rush led directly to the shameful treatment of the Cherokee nation and the Trail of Tears.


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