Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a cold day here, a bright, sunny yet unusually uncomfortable day fit only for the crows. Maybe the discomfort is just inside. I find myself at another transition in a time of my life that is full of transitions. All these transitions leave me with feelings that are…symptom of a more fundamental malaise, that lassitude in middle—life of alternate doldrums and uncertain winds when one realizes that hopes deferred are no longer realizable, that ports not visited will now never be seen, that this journey and others before it may have been a mistake, that one has no longer even confidence in charts and compass. (P.D. James)
I had the second part of my yearly physical this morning. Everything was fine but as the doctor was asking me how I feel I was thinking 'I'm old enough that I feel I'm getting older.' When you're young, getting older is getting better. Then comes the age where getting older is neutral. Later getting older is getting crazy, mid-life crisis, middle aged crazy, etc. Now I'm waning in crazy and waxing in just getting older, not that that's so bad, you just have to avoid those, 'if only I had's.'
For LadyRed, a couple of things from my list of favorite places in honor of her move to her new locale and the expanding of her southern list. 1. Savannah. 'Sall good, nuf said. 2. Georgia's Golden Isles, from Hog Hammock on Sapelo to the Jekyll Island Club to the wild horses on Cumberland, all different and all great. 
3. The fast shuttle (110 ft. boat) from Ft. Myers to Key West where you rent a scooter and go on what I call 'Brad's Key Lime Pie Tour,' very calorific. 4. Ft. Myers around Christmas, go to the fish market, buy a couple of pounds of boiled shrimp which they put in a brown paper bag. As you pay for the shrimp grab a jar of cocktail sauce and head for the beach, which you will have pretty much to yourself, buying some beer and crackers along the way. 5. Edison College, Ft. Myers, the home of Rauschenberg's Two Furlong Piece. 6. The Navigator Fish Camp, home of the best grouper sandwich on Charlotte Bay, Punta Gorda.

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