Friday, January 2, 2009

For a new year.

For all explorers and everyone who makes a journey; the one thing you can count on finding at the end of your travail is the road back home. I painted this small, 10 x 10 inch, oil self portrait about the travels, both real and metaphorical, that we make. The oar in the road is a reference to the Odyssey and the punishment that Odysseus had to endure for blinding Polyphemus in which after reaching his home he was forced to leave again with a ships oar on his shoulder and walk until he met someone who didn't know what it was. For all your travels, real and metaphorical, the best, and a happy new year to all.


1 comment:

Julita said...

Happy New Year, Brad! Absolutely enjoying the vibrancy of colour in your painting and the heavy symbolism (I'm an art symbolism junkie). The road sign especially, and it's placement.