Friday, February 27, 2009

Art Book

As I have said before, I decided at the age of 51 on a course of pursuing a college degree. Not that I haven't been working on one over the years, I just didn't settle in for the long haul previously. I stayed with it this time, seven years. I think some of the students that came and went thought I was just part of the landscape. I will write more about my time at school in future posts. I am posting today an art book that was an assignment in a two dimensional design class. It is an accordion book. The cover is gold leaf on Canson paper. The pages are cut outs glued to Bristol. I based it on William Blakes, Tyger.

Now, to the computer for a few hours of grinding away in Cad, drawing sections and plans. Have a nice weekend everyone.



Martha Miller said...

great music! thanks!

Brad Gailey said...

Thank you. I love 'Mule Skinner Blues,' Could we have another?


Julita said...

I really like this piece very much (plus, handmade books are pretty cool in general). There's a nice use of the positive/negative space.

Julie said...

Oh, what a beautiful journal!!! I have a bit of a fetish right now...and that is that I can spend hours looking at homemade journals, hand bound, with specialty papers...and never buy one. I want to make one, but am studying different binding techniques and the idea of what to use for covers. Oh, lordy...I may never buy or make one, but just continue this long period of browsing!!! My bad!!!