Thursday, February 26, 2009

Male Nude

A drawing of a figure in charcoal on newsprint.

And, an airbrush watercolor sketch based on it.

I don't draw enough. I find that drawings that I do and put away for a while become resource material for my other work and the practice should be pursued. I really liked drawing in a class setting with a model. I've thought about starting a monthly figure drawing Salon and inviting local artists to join me for drawing and some chat, charging  a fee to pay the model but, it seems like a lot of work for a little bit of drawing time. I'm not much for working in a sketchbook; I like to do it but can't seem to make a habit of it. I'm working on some drafting now; in Cad and am planning some more pieces in my sprayed series. (See Windprayer and Crossroad) I'm also working on plates for engravings and hopefully with the weather improving I will be able to move along with those projects.


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Julita said...

Don't feel bad about the figure drawing. I have a feeling that many artists go through something similar when they don't have access to a figure drawing class, including me. I've also thought about possibly setting something up for artists in the area, but finding the time can be an excruciating problem. I know that you don't keep a sketchbook, but maybe having one laying around for those moments when there is someone else in the room (including pets) to do some quick figure studies may be helpful.