Saturday, February 7, 2009

My pal Scooter

This my pal Scooter, or 'Scoot' for short. He's fourteen years old, is pretty good health even though the arthritis is beginning to slow him a little and the cataracts have diminished his night vision some. This is he and his mom enjoying a moment at Dick's Creek on a bike riding trip.

I have been working at home the past few years and it seems that he is always close by, hanging out with me as I work. We take three or four walks a day though as we get older they get shorter.
Saturday is his day. Mom and dad are both home and he can really relax knowing everyone important to him is close at hand. It's nine AM, we got up at seven and went out, he ate a bite and went back to bed and is still there until he will get up a little later and survey the day to decide where he will nap.

The weather is nice here, warm and sunny and Scoot feels good, like a puppy.



Julita said...

He's wonderfully adorable. Isn't it wonderful to have an animal in the family. They represent "home" so well.

Julie said...

Scooter is so cute!!!