Thursday, February 12, 2009

Linocut Print

This is a print I did based on my Great-Great Grandpa, Santafee Gailey. I tried to capture the flavor of prints found in books when I was a kid in the nineteen fifties.

My Grandpa Santafee was a circuit riding Methodist Preacher. He would ride his mule through the Appalachian mountains of North Georgia to his various churches. He served in the Army of Tennessee, CSA, Brown's Boys, later the 43rd Georgia Volunteers. The 43rd defended Vicksburg and was decimated at Baker's Creek after which there weren't enough left for a brigage and they were combined with the 40th . After Vicksburg they returned to Tennessee to defend Chattanooga and then Atlanta. They fought a holding action to Jonesboro, Ga, the home of the fictional Tara, and then withdrew into the Carolinas.
I don't know much about his travels as a circuit preacher but would like to study the church minutes of the congregations on his circuit. By far the more interesting facet of his life.


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