Monday, February 2, 2009

Something fun on Monday.

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

A movie's opening titles, fun for a Monday. I checked and of the five bloggers that had this movie listed in their favorites I'm the only one outside the UK. Probably, one of the few that remembers it in the US, reckon? But I did find this on YouTube. It's quintessential 'Sixties. For you who missed the Sixties, I'm sorry. I was a teenager, a true Boomer. And when I say the 'Sixties, I mean what I consider the Sixties that everyone refers to as the Sixties, beginning in 1963 with the Beatles and ending with Jimmy Carter in 1976.
The clip is great fun. The music by Steve Winwood and Traffic. The movie has a great sound track from Traffic and The Spencer Davis Group. It is also the first movie in which I remember seeing Judy Geeson.


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