Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Paintings

Two paintings I finished this past week. They are sprayed, Krylon on Arches Cover with oil over-painting, 11x14. The first image, a reworking of this by now familiar image, is Wind Prayer.

The second painting is Crossroad, and has been selected for a gallery exhibition. The crossroads, holy of holies for us drifters and wanderers. Where you can go to find God, or Satan, or yourself. Where all decisions can be made, to go right , left, your own way or take the road back home.

I'm playing with a compositional style I have found in Impressionist paintings of an image done in a duotone style with great splashes of bold color brushed over with some gusto. Spraying in cool temperatures led to some faults in the paint but I kept them as part of the composition.


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Julita said...

Gosh, I really like your stuff! Congrats on being selected for a show! How exciting! Do the people in your work represent you or anyone you know?