Monday, February 23, 2009


This is a portrait that I executed in tempera (poster paint). The background is a transfer of the Martian landscape (Marscape?) transfered via acrylic medium skin. The tempera is glazed with oil.



Martha Miller said...

sort of a post apocolypse cowboy? looks a bit like james dean! :*)


Brad Gailey said...

The model was a friend of mine that was kind enough to put up with my annoying, 'I need a model.' Don't think the title has anything to do with the composition; it's a bit of automatic writing. ArtNews had an article on titles for paintings that addressed what they bring to the painting. As was said in the article 'untitled' can bring a lot to the table. I myself try to go for irony and paradox when I title and don't address the content. Prosaically, it could be Manhattan, Kansas I guess. Just fun.