Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring fever

It's a beautiful day here today, gives one a bit of spring fever. I thought I would continue the mood with some warm weather photos. the first is the view across Charlotte Bay on our way to Cabbage Key a resort near Captiva Island that is accessible only by boat.

Having a drink at the resort at Cabbage Key. Yes, that's money, sign your name, a sentiment and where you are from; staple it to the wall.

Laura relaxing in the pool at my brother-in-law's house in Punta Gorda.

We drive down to Punta Gorda, spend a few days, then stop at Jekyll Island for some bicycling on the way back. We also sometimes stop over at Savannah.

The river and marsh at Jekyll Island near the landing at the Jekyll Island Club. The Jekyll Island Club is the cluster of homes built by the American elite such as the Rockerfellers, Carnegies, etc. The homes are preserved for tours and the area is developed as a park and resort with the clubhouse refurbished and functioning as a hotel.

Those of you who are snowbound, you have my sympathy. I myself am in the sunshine and warm, dreaming of Summer.



artslice said...

These photos have me green with envy... looks like a lovely get away. Your summers must be very hot. I'd love to be you on that bike in short sleeves!!

The Scooter photos from your latest post are so cute. Pets and so nice to have around! Happy weekend.

Brad Gailey said...

Yes, it does get hot but, it is the South and southern summers have their own cache. It's really lovely, especially here in the Appalachians until the last couple of weeks of August and the first weeks of September when the heat becomes sullen. Soon thereafter the fall begins and remains beautiful warm fall weather until New Years and we have our brief winter. We are just on the verge of the jonquils blooming, also the crocus and hyacinths. The photos from Jekyll and Punta Gorda were made in hot, hot weather with humidity to match.