Monday, February 2, 2009

Counterpoint to Wolf

Wolf, Canis Lupus, was executed in a class I took on Scientific Illustration. As I have stated before I decided to get a degree at fifty, and did. The class was a priviledge. The local university has an anatomy lab for the use of the nursing school and for a while the art department offered an emphasis in SI. Thus, we were able to use the cadavers for drawings, pretty cool. This wolf is executed on acetate, painted on the back and detailed with a pen on the front with liquid acrylic paint. The background is on Yupo and attached by hinges. Pardon the lettering, there was a short deadline and I had no press-on letters. The two wolves, this and the abstract wolf from my previous post were both parts of the same assignment. I am planning at a future date to work more in the style of the abstract wolf because of my interest in aboriginal and prehistoric art.
If anyone is interested I will relate from time to time some of my impressions of being a fifty plus university student; let me know in the comments.


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Julita said...

Hi Brad! Just catching up! By all means, I would love to hear about your days, as you put it, a 50 plus university student. I'd like to at some point get my MFA, but am waiting till I'm older, and would love to hear how someone like you found it. Tell about it anytime in your posts please! :0)